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by Helena
I remembered my password AND i*m still on the island!

by randomjunk
Hi inhuman!

by inhuman
whaddap guise :3

by renaye
meow meow meow
I lost the password to my original
by BelleoftheBlues
Acct but I*m on the island still lol

by randomjunk
Haha, I grew up here, it*s like my internet home.
RJ is the faithful OG of Nutang
by Zanzibar

by randomjunk
Aww so many people coming back!!
Glad to see
by BelleoftheBlues
That I*m not the only one who still thinks about nutang
Hey le_battement! I remember you.
by Zanzibar
How is everyone doing?
If anyone sees this...
by le_battement
...message me on Telegram. My username is @whomso

by Bartholomew
I believe the scientific terminology is "pps."
what is this site?
by le_battement
and what has it done with my papayas?

by bauhaus
by BelleoftheBlues
I can*t believe this is still here...
I is currently loving The Big Bang Theory
Thursday, August 18, 2011
The series is bloody funny. Sheldon, who is a damn bloody genius in physics, cant get the grasp of normal human communication is bloody irritating, annoying and amusing all at the same time.

I'm currently watching the 2nd season and it never fails to make me laugh my ass off all the time. I just finished watching the episode where Leonard's mother comes over and that was extremely hilarious.

Owh btw, Leonard is a lucky bastard to get to make out with Penny. Damnit I liked Penny ever since she was Bridgette! But she does look shorter in this series, I wonder why...

PS: I didnt manage to buy my new phone. The Media Markt here says the phone is too old because it's a W series and nowadays all they have are the bloody smartphones because those are sprouting out like mushrooms after a heavy rain. Damnit! Now my only available option is to buy online, but I'm back to the considering phase now that my phone has a charger after my friend gave his to me when he switched to the new i4. Lucky bastard.

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Monday, August 8, 2011
I have now aobut 95% decided on getting a new phone here and I already have my eyes on a phone. My mind was made up pretty fast since I saw yhow dire the situation was gonna be when my current phone really dies out on me. No alarm, no notes, no reminders, no sms, no contact. So now, I'm gonna salvage all I can before it's too late and to get all my contact lists backed up if it decides to die on my whenever it wishes.

I have been looking at a new phone repeatedly for the past few days and all I hope for now is that it is available here in Germany. I'm going over to Media Markt tomorrow to see if they have it and also at the correct price. Currently, I know that Amazon.de has it and it's all below 150 euros, which is what I'm willing to pay. I could do online buying, no problem, but I would rather get it at the store if the price is not much difference cause then if there's a probolem, I know where to go to.

I'm pretty excited about this.. Owh, BTW, the phone I am looking at is the Sony Ericsson w715. It's not that bad, has a vodafone branding on it, which I dont mind, using vodafone line here in Germany anyway, and I like pretty much everything in the phone except that it's a slide phone, but hey, nothing is perfect. ;)

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2 in 1
Tuesday, August 2, 2011

1. Whoah! Busy week just passed by me. Was so stoked with work and there is more to come. I have a long week ahead this week because I have no offdays. I'm on a 12 day streak of work before my next offday. Have to work through my offdays this week because I have to co-conduct an expert cooking class for Weber Grill. It's not that my employer is being mean or anything by not giving me an offday, but I requested to take it at a later date so that I can have a short 5 day holidays to do traveling though I dont know where and when I wanna go yet. Waiting for a friend to confirm. :)

Had quite a shitty day today because of the Expert Cooking course because I'm not so used to conducting that class... yet. If it was the Basic Cooking course then I can stroll through them no problem, but the experts ones still needs some getting used to. I have another tomorrow, hopefully it's better, because it has less people than today. SO, I guess it would be good, *fingers crossed*

2. I'm currently in a big dilemma which has surrounded me for quite some time. My current phone is dying, literally. The battery charger "went back to the maker" last month or so and I had to resort to charging it with the usb cable almost every night now. But the past week, that is also starting to have problems with the battery sometimes charging and sometimes not. My phone is of extreme importance, expecially at this moment, because it's my means of communication with my girlfriend back in Malaysia and also my other friend that I'm gonna meet up here in Germany. It also serves as my alarm clock every morning and also my reminder and personal PA. I used almost everything for my phone. I have been using this phone since 2007 and it has served me well. The dilemma I have not is, how do I replace this phone? Do I get a cheap but decent one or an outright not too expensive but very good one here in Germany, and forfeit any warranty I would have when I leave, or to wait and hold on till I go back to Malaysia and get myself the new Iphone 4/ 5 ( if it comes out by the time I go back). i'll still get the Iphone irregardless of whether I buy a phone here o not because I have 2 numbers anyway in Malaysia, but if I buy a phone here now then I would delay tyhe purchase of my Iphone.

But then again, if I would want to buy a phone here, I would first need to put my hands into my *money for vacation* jar a little bit ( if I want a decent one, OR, I can save some extra money) which I dont really want to do.

Owh well, decisions decisions....

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Drip, drip, drip
Sunday, July 17, 2011
It's heading here fast. Gotta move on a little faster and avoid the blade.. swish,swish,swish comes the sounds. It's getting closer by the second. Trying in vain not to let it catch up. It's always only a step away from hitting.

*Slash* I felt a sharp pain and warm liquid start flowing out. In my mind, the pain is being repeated and I'm feeling the blade again and again,10 times in a single second. Red warm liquid is flowing out slowly but getting faster by the second. There is nothing I can do to stop it. The reality dawned on me. There is nothing else I can do about it now, no way to undo what is already done. My heart is filled with regret about the haste of which I made up my mind to do the thing which resulted in this. There is no tuning back. I have to do what I have to do.

*turns around to go get the first aid kit*

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Saturday, July 16, 2011
I'm sure everyone has a passion. Some people have 1, some has more.. For me, m y passion for 2 things can be seen extremely well by the people around me.

1. My passion for cooking
2. My passion for Liverpool FC.

And currently, I dont know which one is stronger, they might be at the same burning level, but one thing is for sure, these two are currently fuelling me to go beyond what I can ever imagine myself of doing. My passion of cooking has already brought me to Europe, may it only be for 6 months, maybe it be longer, it still remains that I am here.

Liverpool FC, to be honest, I only started watching them in the 08/09 season. That was when I moved into my uncle's house in the city and he has pay tv. But dont be fooled, I was already supporting them beforehand, I just didnt have a chance to watch them play that's all. But right now, because of work, I dont get to watch them as frequent as I want, but what I do, everyday after work or during break, I will most definitely switch on my laptop, and check for the latest news regarding my beloved club.

Today, they are playing against the team of the Malaysian XI . The people whom I lived with for the past 2 years, are all there in the stadium back in Malaysia watching them play, but me, I'm in Germany and can only afford to watch a reply(if i can find one on the internet) or a match highlight. But then again, it's ok, I'm in Europe, and I'm currently trying to secure a ticket to Anfield to watch Liverpool play Man United but chances are slim. I wont stop trying thought!

PS: Man United and Liverpool are very fierce rivals and the fans of both teams usually hate each other. hahha

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Wednesday, July 13, 2011
Has anyone here been addicted to anything, ever, in their life? Be it short term or long term?

Wanna share just for the sake of sharing??

PS: I know for a fact that Nuttz is still addicted to chocolates. xD

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