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by AmbyrJayde
I like to show up every once in a while to see what everyone is up to
Great to see that! my browser
by CPKviperpheonix
treats every blog including my own like it*s a unsafe page so finding it hard to explore around currently tho

by randomjunk
Hi CPK! Not a lot of people still here, but I still hang around haha.
Well, hello everyone!
by CPKviperpheonix
Hope everyone is doing good, nice to see familiar faces still hanging around

by randomjunk
Hi Lost!

by LostSoul13
*fly by hello*

by randomjunk
Yeah if you just do one word sometimes that works.
I feel like the comment
by Zanzibar
has to be really short and not have any apostrophes

by renaye
oh dear. the comment is really not working.

by randomjunk
I*m not sure why comments work sometimes and don*t other times... Sometimes it works if it*s just a short comment though
Known y*all for 15+ yrs!
by Silver-dot-
That*s insane. Btw how did you leave a comment???

by randomjunk
Hey Silver!
by Silver-dot-
Long time no see! I*m so happy y*all are still around. 😭

by randomjunk
I don*t think so... :( I still can*t comment properly on a lot of posts...
Did they ever fix the problem with
by Zanzibar
the comments?
Saturday, July 16, 2011
I'm sure everyone has a passion. Some people have 1, some has more.. For me, m y passion for 2 things can be seen extremely well by the people around me.

1. My passion for cooking
2. My passion for Liverpool FC.

And currently, I dont know which one is stronger, they might be at the same burning level, but one thing is for sure, these two are currently fuelling me to go beyond what I can ever imagine myself of doing. My passion of cooking has already brought me to Europe, may it only be for 6 months, maybe it be longer, it still remains that I am here.

Liverpool FC, to be honest, I only started watching them in the 08/09 season. That was when I moved into my uncle's house in the city and he has pay tv. But dont be fooled, I was already supporting them beforehand, I just didnt have a chance to watch them play that's all. But right now, because of work, I dont get to watch them as frequent as I want, but what I do, everyday after work or during break, I will most definitely switch on my laptop, and check for the latest news regarding my beloved club.

Today, they are playing against the team of the Malaysian XI . The people whom I lived with for the past 2 years, are all there in the stadium back in Malaysia watching them play, but me, I'm in Germany and can only afford to watch a reply(if i can find one on the internet) or a match highlight. But then again, it's ok, I'm in Europe, and I'm currently trying to secure a ticket to Anfield to watch Liverpool play Man United but chances are slim. I wont stop trying thought!

PS: Man United and Liverpool are very fierce rivals and the fans of both teams usually hate each other. hahha

I don't watch much UK soccer
but I do love me some cooking! XD
» zana on 2011-07-16 10:21:13

no I didn't notice that I wrote that at all because I wrote a comment right after about me being racist. It's called a joke.
» dont-see on 2011-07-16 06:32:34

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